New Instructor: Juney Shober

We are excited to introduce Juney Shober as our newest instructor! He will be teaching piano, songwriting, and theory here at VMS.

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Juney is the newest addition to our teaching staff, with Bachelor's Degree in Music from Kenyon College. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Education, and teaching piano, songwriting, and theory to students of all ages and skill levels here at VMS! Read more about him below, and call 614-451-1976 to schedule your first lesson!

When did you first start playing music? Tell us a bit about your background and education in music!
I first started playing music (guitar) when I was 12. I played all through high school, and then started taking classes in College. I decided to major in music at Kenyon College with a focus on theory and composition. Since then, I have enjoyed performing, composing, and teaching in a variety of environments.
Who is your favorite musician?
Naming my favorite musician is a tall order! Who or what I listen to changes a lot from week to week. In general, I would say I respect and like to listen to musicians who 'forge ahead' in their music, or do things 'their way.' There are obviously many musicians who fit this description, but I'll mention two who might never have been in the same sentence before, Trent Reznor and Charles Ives.
What was the first piece of music you ever purchased? 
I think the first CD I ever purchased myself was 'Californication' by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I should mention that before that, I had listened to a lot of my dad's music including recordings by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia or The Flecktones. I think the first 'paper' music I purchased was a book of Led Zeppelin songs written out for combination of guitar and or keyboard.
What are some of your hobbies and non-work activities?  
Recently, most of my time has been focused on earning my masters in education. When I do have time, I enjoy outdoor activities like rock climbing, camping, and motorcycles.
Welcome Juney!